Experience Level: Advanced

WHS BDBB (Backup Database Backup) is an add-in which allows the user to backup the WHS client backups.  Using various options of this add-in, one can effectively make up to 4 copies of the client backups.

Windows Home Server Backup Database (WHS BDB). This is the database that WHS creates when you enable and schedule backups of your client machines. It contains all of the backups for each of the client machines so that if one were to fail you could restore it using WHS. WHS only creates one copy of this Database and it is stored in the WHS storage pool.

Enable Duplication For WHS Backups. Checking this box modifies WHS so that it duplicates the WHS BD in the same way that folder duplication works. The duplicated copy of the WHS DB is stored on a different disk (just like folder duplication) so that if one of your disks fails then you will not lose the backups of each of your client machines.

Developer: Alex Kuretz

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Release History

v1.0.2.2 (25th September 2009)

  • Redesigned method of drive detection for better accuracy
  • Really display TrueCrypt encrypted drives
  • Disable Duplication Options for server with single Storage Hard Drive
  • Disallow backup to non-NTFS formatted drives (needed for 4GB files)
  • Properly handle network shares and usernames with spaces
  • Do syntax checking of network path format (\\server\share)
  • Store Readme in Software\Add-Ins share so user can access it
  • Improved error messages, including start and stop times in the Event Viewer Application logs

v1.0.1.6 (20/04/09)

  • Correctly shows available space for Server Storage
  • Correctly displays TrueCrypt encrypted drives
  • Automatically backs up the Client Registry keys necessary to properly link the backups with the Client PCs
  • Automatically backs up the entire WHS.reg in case the user wants to manually restore part or all of the registry
  • Prompts user to restore the backed up Client Registry keys when restoring the Backup DB
  • Supports backup and restore to network locations, including UNC and Samba shares


  • Current Release