Add-In Update: WHS Mobile v1.5

WHS Mobile has been updated to v1.5 and is now available from Apple’s iTunes Store. WHS Mobile allows you to configure and manage your home server remotely via a Windows Mobile device or an iPhone. Additionally, you can use the add-in to stream MP3s to an iPhone, and WMA tracks to a Windows Mobile device.

WHS_Mobile_AlbumArt_2[1] WHS_Mobile_Custom_Share_Folders_2[1]

Fixes in the new version:

iPhone Fixes:

  • Search feature added
  • Streaming mp3s with a bitrate greater than 320 kb/s will no longer crash the application
  • Added bunch of code to prevent crashes
  • UI face lift
  • Upload images from your camera and photo gallery!
  • Pan and zoom image previews
  • Fixed a lot of random bugs
  • Multiple user compatibility – User impersonation limits and regulates access
  • Is available via the AppStore!

Windows Mobile fixes:

  • Some compatibility issues resolved
  • Changes for usage with 1.5 and multiple logins/users
  • Windows Media Player will launch when streaming WMA.
  • Mp3s can be previewed on Windows Mobile 6.0 and above

Thanks to Chris Young for the tip!

Update: Looks like a few bugs have led to Brent pulling the app temporarily.

Update 2: Now back up at v1.51

More Info: WHS Mobile


  1. Just so that everyone is clear. I am from Australia and this app was available in Australia but Brent has taken it down from the itunes store to get a few problems sorted out. Therefore right now it is not available anywhere.

  2. Terry,

    There's a lot of tech support happening through the comments on Brent's site. He has pulled the app from general availability due to several issues that did not crop up in any of his testing environments. I see that Stephen L. has made a similar comment above. This may be worthy of an update to your post, so your readers don't go rushing to the iTunes app store (like I did) and wonder why they can't download Brent's app!

  3. Just so everyone knows, Brent's WHS Mobile app is now available again in the itunes store (at least in Australia). It is now v1.51.

  4. God loves the iPhone ( I have 5 iPods in my house), but what about the Windows Mobile version? Is it available, and if so, how doIgetsit?

  5. God loves the iPhone ( and I have 5 iPods in my house ), but what about the Windows Mobile version? Is it available, and if so, how do I get it?

  6. Compassionate for the immense reexamine, but I'm rattling attached the new Zune, and plan this, as rise as the fantabulous reviews whatever different make transcribed, present ameliorate you resolve if it's the honorable prime for you.

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