ASUS Home Server TS mini On the Way?

Details are starting to emerge on the arrival of a new home server model from ASUS, called the ASUS Home Server TS mini.

The Chinese Blurrycam shots below show a shiny, piano black chassis and a love of Coke Zero (I’m a Pepsi Max guy myself). Look closely at the first shot and you’ll see Mr. Blurrycam himself, revealed by reflection.

asus1 image11

Further details have been revealed on specification, including a comparison to the Acer Aspire easyStore Home Server:


Two hard drive bays may be a limitation for some, and would suggest more of an entry level positioning for the product, although 6 USBs and 2 eSATA ports mean there’s plenty of expandability. It’s suggested that the Asus Home Server may pop up in the USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan and Japan and Germany but at this point, we don’t know whether the TS mini is simply a prototype model, whether it will appear under the rapidly growing ASUS brand, or whether it could be an ODM reference design for other brands to pick up.

File under “one to watch” for now.

More Info: (Google Translate)



  1. Take a close look at the picture with the 2 coke cans… I think the photographer may be revealing more than he intended!

  2. Antes que nada muy digerible artículo. Tratando estos temas, que piensan del nuevo Kinect? Apenas tuve la oportunidad de jugarlo y esta buenisimos

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