S1Digital Launch WHS-based Entertainment Server

It’s been a while in development, but S1Digital have finally announced their new Entertainment Server range, comprising 3U and 1U rack-mounted solutions running Windows Home Server, but with a whole host of goodies on top of the base platform, including the ability to stream high definition TV and movies.

“The Digital Entertainment Platform is the most advanced digital entertainment offering on the market today,” stated Paul Heitlinger, President of S1Digital. “Our solution is unique and we consider it a new category of product. No media server has been able to integrate this many different types of media, much less stream high-definition TV and movies.”

The Entertainment Server is available in 4, 8 (1U chassis) 16 and 32 Terabyte (3U chassis) capacities, and bundles a built-in combo Blu-ray, DVD and CD drive. The server has the ability to stream live CableCard or ATSC HDTV to clients – certainly a first in the Windows Home Server world. An optional 100 disc Blu-ray changer is also available.

S1Digital are also offering supporting Media Centre clients as part of the total package, which can play content stored on the server, streaming smooth 1080p video and 7.1 channel audio. Live and recorded HDTV can be streamed directly to the client, without needing TV tuners or a cable box directly attached.

For those seeking automated home support, an optional touch screen controller can manage the Media Centers from any room. It provides two-way control enabling browsing of content including cover-art and metadata and can integrate with existing control solutions from Crestron, AMX, RTI and other touch screen controllers.

Entertainment Server 400/800

ES4-fslash-8-2 ES4-fslash-8-3


Entertainment Server 1600/3200

ES16-fslash-32-2 ES16-fslash-32-3

ES16-fslash-32-4 ES16-fslash-32-5

Looks like S1Digital have done an amazing job to develop a high-end home server. Is this the world’s most advanced home server? Certainly will take some beating.

More Info: S1Digital Entertainment Server



    1. Do you have any idea how long it would take to review something like that? See ya in a year! 😉

      And have ALL the HW that could make use of these things? hmmm. This is starting to sound like fun!

  1. I think what they are doing is making the attached tuners (to the WHS) remotely accessible to the Media Centers. Probably using some sort of virtual driver at the client side. If this is indeed what they are doing, then I wonder how they are able to watch protected DRM content on different Media Center machines. In the *past* the DRM was locked to the machine which recorded it. I have my fingers crossed that HomeGroup may be in play here. Keeping my eyes peeled on CEDIA

  2. If you have to ask how much they cost, you probably can't afford them. I did see a price tag of 3500 but I can't remember which one that was for.

  3. this thing is a LOT more than 3500…. I would bet it is about 12. the one from VidaBox is about that price http://www.vidabox.com/products_rackserver.php

    Also I think I finally figured out how they have such a large storage… they have My movies burn to a drive out side of DE and have it setup as a share via the regular OS… the only problem with this is that none of the regular WHS will touch this content

    1. I saw a $3500 price also while at CEDIA. I am sure that was for the 4/8 Terabyte Server. Also there is additional $400 software you have to purchase which I believe handles the streaming of Live TV to the clients. From my conversation with them, you do not have to use there clients. Any Win7 Media Center you own will work as a client.

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