HP MediaSmart Server Returns to Europe in December

Back in May we revealed that HP would be re-launching the HP MediaSmart Server in Europe at the end of the year, with both LX and EX ranges slated for release.

HP Norway now have a holding page up on their website, stating that the home server will be released over there in December 2009. At this point, we don’t know which other countries in Europe will also receive stock (I’m guessing the UK and Germany will be on the list) or timings.


HP Media Smart Server is currently not on sale, but a relaunch of the product is planned in December 2009. If you want a reminder when the product is in the shop again, you can sign up below. Your information will be used only for this reminder.

With Acer’s easyStore Home Server being released in a very haphazard manner in Europe (no product released at all in the UK, and no stock available in Germany at the moment) and Fujitsu seemingly turning to Linux for it’s next small NAS server, let’s hope HP can get the MediaSmart Server into Europe consistently and with decent availability.

Watch this space for more news over the coming weeks.


  1. The original announcement spoke of "Fall 2009" Perhaps it's just me, but that made me think of a September/October timeframe. Now I see that it means December. In any case, it's moot for me, I got fed up waiting and built my own WHS.

  2. Too late for me to. I already imported my own HP MSS485 to Germany after contacting HP to ask if they ever plan to make it available over here. Back in May they didn't have any plans. I guess people are asking for it.

  3. A little late to be releasing old hardware? Increased RAM maybe or a proper CPU?
    Oh well, im definitely not upgrading my existing server until WHS v2

    1. Old Hardware? It is not EX470/475 that will be relaunched but version 2 of the hardware with EX and LX models. For us that need one extra server or was unfortunate not to buy the HP SmartMedia while it was available in Europe the re-launch is a happy event eventhough they could have launched it earlier ín the year.

  4. Unbelieble! I contacted HP less than 4 weeks ago to ask when the latest Media Smarts would be available as I wanted to buy one. But they told me that there was no information available.

    So I took that to mean no plans to release them in Europe, so I went out and bought another product instead.

    Never mind, there loss. I am delighted with my purchase

  5. Too late for me too. Imported an Acer now (yah boo sucks to Acer too). Not sure what either is playing at. There's a market out there.

    1. Quite agree with you. I am hanging on to a print-out of the Acer Home Server in case HP will not re-introduce the EX models in Sweden or prices will be considerably higher.

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