Over the weekend, I took a look at a number of different services which promise convenient access to some of the major online video distributors on your Media Center or Windows Home Server.

Yesterday, I mentioned Secondrun.tv which allows you to access Hulu in the USA on your Media Center. Right now, work has yet to begin with that application on support for Extenders or Digital Media Receivers, which would unlock the holy grail for many – Hulu on your TV.

However, one application is already promising to stream content from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to your Xbox 360, PS3 and a range of DMRs, including the HP MediaSmart Connect and it does so via Windows Home Server. It’s PlayOn Media Server.

PlayOn Media Server has to be installed on the home server via Remote Desktop, and whilst it states that it supports Windows Home Server (which it does), you’ll have to upgrade your version of Windows Media Player from v10 which ships with WHS to version 11. Fortunately, we have a walkthrough available on how to perform this upgrade over at the WGS Wiki (and, as I used it over the weekend, I can assure you it works!)

Once you have the upgrade completed, you can install PlayOn and you’ll immediately find it appears as a media server option on your PS3/Xbox 360/DMR.

Click through and you’ll see options for Netflix, Hulu (both US Only) and YouTube listed, along with a stack of news video content from ESPN, CNN and others.

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All powered by Windows Home Server (with a little help!)

PlayOn Media Server is free for 14 days with licenses at $39.99. (A $10 discount was due to finish yesterday but still looks valid today if you act quickly).

More Info: PlayOn Media Server