mControl for Windows Home Server – Automate Your Home

One area we’ve not really featured to date here at WGS is Home Automation – it’s a pretty specialist area with a large following in the Media Center community, I know, but Embedded Automation’s mControl for Windows Home Server now brings the potential to control your digital home directly from your home server.

mControl Editor

The mControl Editor is where you can configure controls for the various digital home devices you have installed in your home – lighting, air conditioning, thermostats and security cameras, for example, directly from within the Windows Home Server console. These devices are then controllable from a wide variety of home networked devices, including Windows Vista Media Center, Xbox 360, Windows Mobile devices and new Windows Media Center v2 Extenders (as well as directly from Windows Home Server too).

mControl for Windows Media Center

If you’re thinking of using Windows Home Server as the hub for your digital home, you can find out more about mControl for Windows Home Server over at Embedded Automation’s forums.

More Info: Embedded Automation


  1. I can vouch for mControl on WHS. I’ve been using it since december to control a couple of lights via Insteon.I plan to add more appliances down the road, but I like what I’ve been experiencing.

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